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Zithromax: an overview
Zithromax also known as Azithromycin is an effective medicine that belongs to a sort of drug called Azalide. Azalide is a sub-category of a group of antibiotics called macrolides. This is one of the most popular and frequently prescribed antibiotic medicines. Zithromax is issued to those who suffer from bacterial infections in various body parts. It is most regularly used for treating bacterium called Chlamydia. In some cases, this effective medication prescribed to get rid of bacterium named MAC.

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What Zithromax is prescribed for?
This medication is highly preferred to treat various respiratory infection of the body. It is used to treat bronchitis ear infections (otitis media), Sinus infections (sinusitis), Pneumonia, etc. Zithromax is also recommended for throat infections including tonsillitis and pharyngitis. Skin infections like cellulitis, folliculitis, or impetigo are also treated by this efficient drug. Moreover, it is a good treatment option for Pelvic inflammatory disease (PID).

How Zithromax works?
This medication effectively kills existing bacteria which are the cause of infection. Additionally, it prevents bacteria growth in the body. Zithromax does not work on any viral infections like flu. This is a safe medication which does not have any side effects.

What Dosage of Zithromax cures infections?
The dosage of Zithromax depends of various factors including age and weight of an individual. Medical history and general fitness also affect the dose of Zithromax that your doctor prescribed for you. For safe and fast results, you must contact a doctor first. Zithromax' strength of 250mg and 500mg is prescribed in most bacterial infections. Generally, these dosages recommended for three to five days only. If you have serious infection, a doctor may continue the treatment for long. The dose for children depends on the body weight. Most doctors prescribe it in the range of 5 up to 20mg per kg of body mass daily. Usually, it is prescribed for 3 through 5 days.

How to use Zithromax?
Zithromax can be taken regardless if you eat or not. You must complete the course as prescribed by the doctor otherwise you may face infection again. Do not adjust the dose without the prescription of doctors.